Social Responsibility

Respect to human beings and their development is the main driver for Cyrela’s social actions. Cyrela strives to maintain a socially responsible, ethical and transparent relationship with its stakeholders – employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers. The Company develops projects aimed at investing in the human factor and at helping preserve the environment.


Instituto Cyrela

Doing good is an integral part of who we are, how we do business and how we build relationships. We believe education can change people’s lives.

Created in November 2010, Instituto Cyrela is a not-for-profit organization responsible for all our social responsibility initiatives. It manages Cyrela’s social investments and seeks to produce benefits both for society and for the company.

It relies on a very active group of volunteers who undertake solidarity initiatives in selected institutions and supports social programs designed to provide education for children and youth. The project has benefited over 20,000 people in eight Brazilian states since it was launched.

When you buy a Cyrela or a Living product, you help change the lives of people throughout Brazil. In fact, 1% of Cyrela’s net income* goes to the Institute.

With your help, we are going to continue doing good.

*1% of net income in the previous year.

Our activities

We support educational projects benefiting vulnerable children and youth from the cities in which Cyrela operates.

We believe education is the main pillar of social change and support projects that:

  • Prepare professionals, as well as day care centers, preschools and kindergartens
  • Help parents bring up their young children
  • Provide reinforcement classes for children and youth from public schools, and
  • Help young people enter the labor market by improving their technical, social and emotional skills.

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Apprentice Program

Cyrela launched its Apprentice Program, intended to offer students their first jobs, in 2007. Part of the students come from professional development programs funded by Instituto Cyrela, in continuation of a cycle that starts with philanthropic initiatives and is consolidated when young people enter the labor market.

The young apprentices, between ages 16 and 24, perform practical administrative activities at Cyrela’s office or construction sites, as well as participate in theoretical activities, which include courses, talks, cultural tours and social activities. Each apprentice’s development is always monitored jointly by Cyrela and another organization that has a team of psychologists, educators and social workers who provide all the personal and professional support needed.



Cyrela believes sustainable initiatives are crucial for the conservation of natural resources and the preservation of our planet. As a result, all its projects are designed so as to minimize environmental impact and allow easy access. Learn about some environmental measures adopted by Cyrela in both common and private areas in its projects.

Below are Cyrela’s icons describing the features of your future property:


WATER SUBMETERING PLANNED FOR INDEPENDENT UNITS (water meters to be installed by owners in the future) The condo manages consumption and apportions it among all apartments. Each dwelling unit monitors its consumption on a monthly basis.
GAS SUBMETERING PLANNED FOR INDEPENDENT UNITS (gas meters to be installed by owners in the future) The condo manages consumption and apportions it among all apartments. Each dwelling unit monitors its consumption on a monthly basis.
DUAL-FLUSH TOILETS Toilets that use over 30% less water than conventional toilets installed in all apartments.
WATER-SAVING DEVICES IN COMMON AREAS Washbasins that use over 30% less water than conventional washbasins installed in common areas.
PRESENCE DETECTORS FOR LIGHTING SYSTEMS Presence detectors, which lead to a drop of over 30% in power consumption when compared with manual switches, in all hallways.
SELECTIVE WASTE COLLECTION Proper disposal and recycling of the waste produced by the condo.
COOKING OIL COLLECTION SERVICE Proper disposal of cooking oil for recycling.
BATTERY COLLECTION SERVICE Proper disposal of batteries for recycling.
RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEM Allows collecting and storing rainwater to water the condo’s gardens.
ACOUSTIC COMFORT IN UNITS’ DRY AREAS Less noise propagation between different stories.
FLEXIBLE WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM Reduces the possibility of leaks, allows easy maintenance and increases ceiling height since it takes up less space in crown moldings and ceilings.
LIGHT-COLORED FAÇADE Less heat absorption during the day and greater comfort at night, thus reducing the need for air conditioning.
PERMEABLE PAVING IN OUTDOOR AREAS Rainwater is absorbed, which reduces runoff and the need to treat it.
GREEN ROOF Provides greater thermal comfort for dwellers, reduces the need for air conditioning and increases the condo’s green surface.
OPTIMAL USE OF RAW MATERIALS DURING CONSTRUCTION Less waste and construction debris with the efficient use of materials.
OPTIMIZED PLUMBING Plumbing kits minimize waste, debris and the likelihood of leakages, thus making maintenance easier.
THERMAL TREATMENT ON SLABS Greater thermal comfort for dwellers and lower power consumption due to the reduced need for air conditioning.
ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT WITH THE PROCEL A SEAL IN COMMON AREAS Over 30% less energy consumption with the use of electrical and electronic equipment with the Procel A Seal.
BEDROOM WINDOW FRAMES WITH ROLLING SHUTTERS Better use of natural light and less power consumption.
BICYCLE RACK Intended to encourage the use of clean transportation and improve users’ quality of life.
SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEM PLANNED FOR INDEPENDENT UNITS (to be installed by the condo) An annual drop of at least 40% in power used to heat water.
WASTE SORTING SYSTEM IN EACH UNIT Encourages users to manage waste properly in their apartments.
AUTOMATIC WATERING SYSTEM A drop of up to 30% in water consumption by using the resource efficiently depending on the needs of each type of plant.
PRESSURE REDUCING VALVES Distribute water pressure evenly throughout all areas, thus leading to a drop in water consumption and comfort for dwellers.
WATER SUBMETERING IN INDEPENDENTS UNITS Each unit pays only for the water it consumes, thus making it possible to use water efficiently and manage expenses.
OUTDOOR LIGHTING CONTROLLED BY DETECTORS Lights are activated as scheduled, which leads to savings, greater comfort and improved safety.
ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING STATION Encourages the use of clean transportation with no greenhouse gas emissions.
SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEM IN INDEPENDENT UNITS An annual drop of at least 40% in power used to heat water.



Waste Management

In line with its principles, Cyrela adopts efficient waste management practices. In fact, it has been investing in sustainability since 2005. We monitor environmental indicators closely on each project site on a daily basis. In 2017, 55% of all the waste produced on Construtora Cyrela’s construction sites in São Paulo was recycled and/or processed. We are constantly seeking new partners and suppliers to increase this amount.