The solidity and leading position achieved by Cyrela in its 50 years of operations primarily result from the adoption of well-defined strategies. In-depth studies and appraisals on the real estate market, macroeconomics and new trends are used in designing and updating these strategies. The Company’s goal is to maximize the generation of value for shareholders and for the society in a sustainable manner.

- To consolidate its presence in the markets where it operates, and taking the leadership position along with a solid quality reputation.

- To grow organically on the regions where it holds its own construction companies;

- To reduce costs, based on economies of scale and other factors, to maximize construction efficiency and to develop building technologies;

- To grow in the economic and super economic segments through Living, operating in a market niche that holds a huge housing deficit in Brazil and that is currently expanding fostered by the Federal Government’s development policies for these segments;

- To maintain a solid financial position in order to reduce the cost of capital, guarantee operations and ensure cash generation, always aiming at the highest value generation for shareholders.